bearfolk, turtle dudes, man, dorf, rock/ore guys?
—> possibly any humanoid mob Could unlock on kill amounts?
Race stats/specials?

Brawler or Monk class? Maybe off of Zerker and Zealot or something?
Or Melee>Unarmed(Instead of DW guy)>Brawler or Monk or something?
Few classes could just have dw options or unarmed options.
Zerker could have dw and unarmed pts

Does each class type give you an active or several or is it going to be just cool passives mostly? Might be cool to have just 1 active per tier. Zerk or Zealot or Tempest or Avatar it up, dps turbo boost active? or a huge hit/aoe skill…

However many pts/levels each tier is… when you pick you auto get the big active? then you spend pts on the passives? so it’s not like I’m a brobarian but I just get 1% dmg until 5 levels from now when I get a brobarian style skill.

Unarmed/fist weps/tonfas/wraps?
daggers/swords/axes/hammers and 2hs /scythe
wands/staffs/focus or idol/power orbs(atk or def)?
large shields/bucklers
ranged + ammo? bows n throws?

skin(naturalish) or magic def/light/med/heavy/MEGA armour?
full sets or pieces? helm different? capes?

bags? 1 big section? how much space do items take up?different crafting inventory?
quest items if any? ship storage?

classes or trees related to ships?
what happens to ships when you aren’t on them? can you steal ships or npc ships?
ship/water travel combat?
Ship weapons?
custom ship names/sails?

XP/level/point/item loss on death? How fast do you gain levels/pts?
Survival like Unturned/tibs? or more casual mmo style?
Is durability/repair a thing?
Revive/resurrect to gain partial lost xp?

Possible Features
different game modes? HC rogue legacy style? (Name + I,II,III,IV,V etc.), last dude standing, gather challenge/waves
custom player servers/static world servers..???
open world/instanced maps/instanced ocean for ships/open world with zones?(EQ Style)
Player editor zazz(Trove style)

How to start?
Camp/village/tribe/wilderness/random spawn/race specific spawn/turbo hero nexus deal?
Home base/camp/town/hideout? per toon/account/guild?

rock/ore dudes, slimes/humanoid slimes, crate or box mimics(if we have them things)Mimictron a giant made of boxes that are mimics
animals, elementals, undead/spirits/mutants/demons, animated objects/furniture(woodmancer? XD)
sea creatures if ship/water battles, any of the playable races (opposing factions/hybrids or w/e)

Do you chop trees down and leave a stump/pick berries off a bush?
Do you chop trees/forage bushes with no graphic change/transparent image?
Do they regrow?or if instanced maps(Trove/PoE style) can you clear an area of resources and leave an empty land?
Tiered gathering maps with better/more gathering mats and harder/more mobs, possibly boss types with rare mats on full clear?


Pen&Paper models>half paper half 3d..
or higher the difficulty better things look…
Low Poly wood/stone carvings animated,


Game idea MrCdubs